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Stop Wasting Time Waiting – Get Responsive Help Desk Support from CRU Solutions

Network downtime and IT issues are annoying; when you have to wait hours – or even days – for support, the annoyance level goes through the roof.

Responsive Help Desk Support from CRU Solutions delivers a fast response to you and your users, offering actionable troubleshooting without the downtime associated with waiting for an onsite visit.

With Responsive Help Desk Support – part of the CRU Solutions complete Managed IT Services – our technicians will troubleshoot issues right on your desktop, laptop or server. Your computer problems can often be resolved in minutes instead of hours. And on those occasions when remote support just won’t get it done, we’ll be there for you with a timely onsite visit.

Responsive Help Desk Support from CRU Solutions Delivers:

  • Quick, local response to routine user support questions (Microsoft applications, email, etc.)
  • Server support after power outage or other interruption
  • Application installation
  • Line of business application troubleshooting
  • Printer setup
  • Mobile device e-mail integration and troubleshooting
  • Coordination with other technology vendors, such as cloud, software or Internet service providers, to take you “out of the middle” when something goes wrong

The CRU Solutions help desk is located in our offices in Cleveland, Ohio, and we offer support throughout Northeast Ohio. Our highly-skilled tech team has an average tenure of 9 years – so you won’t be working with a new technician every time you call. Technical team members hold degrees in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems and regularly update their technical certifications to remain current on the latest technology.

Whether on the phone or on site, CRU Solutions technicians are professional and respectful of you and your team. IT firms talk a lot about technology tools. But how important are cool tools if their people are abrupt with you? Or talk down to you when you ask a simple question?

With Responsive Help Desk Support from CRU Solutions, you can be confident that in addition to receiving top-notch technical skills, you and your team will be treated courteously. Equally as important, our techs will talk to your staff in plain English, not technical jargon.

Responsive Help Desk Support from CRU Solutions is designed to keep your network running smoothly so you and your staff can focus on keeping business humming.

Contact us today to learn more about Responsive Help Desk Support, part of CRU Solutions complete Managed IT Services.