As a business owner, outsourcing IT services can make a lot of sense.  You’ll receive knowledgeable advice and have a specialist in the field looking out for your business.  

Here are 6 ways outsourcing IT services to an experienced firm can help make your work life easier: 

  1. As your business changes, your staff and processes will change, too. Your IT advisor can recommend tools to help those new processes run more effectively.
  2. User policies and procedures protect both you and your staff. Your IT specialist can give you tips on what to cover, why to cover it, and how to communicate your expectations to your team.
  3. Effective security technology is not “set it and forget it”. An experienced IT firm brings key technical knowledge to choose and implement the software and devices to protect your valuable business data.  Plus, they offer the right expertise to manage and deploy crucial regular updates.  
  4. What are the hardware requirements and costs to add new staff? Your IT advisor can help you sort out these decisions:
    • Will new employees need desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones? More than one device? Do you provide company smartphones or will you allow company email on personally-owned devices?  
    • Will adding staff or new systems strain your existing server? What then?
    • What about increased software licensing fees?
  5. Has your company outgrown its current server? What are the pros and cons of moving to the cloud for key applications including email?  Maybe colocation is right for you.  These choices are easier to make and implement with the benefit of sound advice and solid technical skills.
  6. If you’re uncertain whether or not your backup is reliable as it should be, your IT advisor can help.

These are just a few of the ways a skilled IT firm can make your work life easier.  If outsourcing IT services would help you, contact CRU Solutions