Microsoft OneNote is the binder that can always hold more.  Capable of performing the functions of all the supplies in your desk drawer, OneNote is the perfect organizer.  Familiarizing yourself with this software application can ease your stress by systemizing all of your notes, graphs, links, and more.  Take advantage of the numerous capabilities by using these Microsoft OneNote tips and tricks.

1.  Pull Text Out of Images

Unknown to most and easy to learn, this feature allows you to take any image with a recognizable font and copy the text onto your page.  Perfect for screenshots and wordy images, this handy element can save you from retyping sentences or even paragraphs.  Here’s how to pull text out of images in Microsoft OneNote.

2.  Search Across All of Your Notes

OneNote is a great organizational tool, but sometimes things can get lost.  Instead of clicking through all of your sections and pages, make a search across your notes to find that missing item.  Here’s how to make a search across all of your notes in Microsoft OneNote.

3.  Integrate OneNote with Outlook Tasks

If you are looking to master online orderliness, this tip is for you.  Sync your Microsoft OneNote To Do List with your Outlook email and have every task right in front of you.  Skip the hassle of switching windows and learn how to integrate Microsoft OneNote tasks with Microsoft Outlook.

4.  Do Simple Math Without a Calculator

The ability to do math without a calculator or pre-programmed formula is nifty and useful.  Applying to most simple mathematical functions, you can perform calculations on the spot.  So, don’t pull out your calculator, let OneNote take care of your arithmetic needs.  Here’s how to do math without a calculator in Microsoft OneNote.

5.  Create a Digital Sticky Note

If you’re busy at work and come across a random thought that needs to be written down, Microsoft OneNote has your back.  By clicking WINDOWS + N, a digital sticky note will open on your computer.  With this note you can type, draw, insert attachments, or record audio.  Then, simply exit out and the note will be saved in your Quick Notes.  Here’s where you can learn more about digital sticky notes.

6.  Embed Documents and Spreadsheets into Your Notes

Constantly switching between windows on your computer can be irritating.  Thankfully, Microsoft OneNote has a solution: you can embed any saved document or worksheet into your notes.  The file inserted will then be treated like an image so you can only reference the content, not edit it. Here’s how you can embed documents and spreadsheets into your notes in Microsoft OneNote.

7.  Collaborate through Microsoft OneNote

If you want someone else to view sections of your OneNote notebook, share it with them.  Sharing your notes will make collaboration easy as you and your colleagues can maneuver through organized outlines and ideas.  Here’s how to share your notes in Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to use.  By embracing its numerous capabilities, your organizational skills are sure to improve significantly.  So, apply these seven Microsoft OneNote tips and tricks to make the most of this handy and flexible software.

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