It’s the new year!  Time to implement your strategies for improving your services or products, engaging your clients, and helping your business grow.  The opportunities are exciting.

As you’re planning your IT, keep in mind that each new growth spurt, while exhilarating, can bring some unexpected surprises.  The list below will help you avoid a budget crunch and potential staff frustration in the months ahead.

Here are 9 IT issues to consider as you grow your business: 

  1.  What business processes will need to change as you grow?  This will help determine which IT tools can make those processes run more effectively.
  2. Do you have policies and procedures in place for securely using company-owned technology? Make sure your new staff knows how to be as safe and secure as possible online.
  3. Do you want to provide company smartphones or have your employees bring their own devices (also called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD)?  Have a plan for controlling company data if it’s not on a company-owned device.
  4. What security technology should you add to protect your network?
  5. What are the hardware costs to add new staff? Will they need desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones? (Or more than one device?)  Will adding staff or new systems strain your existing server?  What then? What about increased software licensing fees?
  6. Should you get a new on-premise server or move some applications to the cloud?  What are the pros and cons?  Do you need a hybrid of on-premise and cloud?
  7. Should you move your email to Office 365 instead of keeping it in house?
  8. Is your Internet access robust enough to handle moving to a cloud application?  If not, what do you do?
  9. With more data to backup, will your current backup protocol still be effective?

Talk these issues over with your current IT provider to see where your business stands.  If you need help handling IT in your growing business, contact CRU Solutions.