From choosing new hardware to understanding IT security, you have varied interests.  Here are the 9 most-read IT services topics on the CRU Solutions blog in 2016: 

How Employee IT Habits Can Risk Your Bottom Line 

Even with well-managed IT services, the greatest risk to your bottom line is what your employees do at the desktop.  Why?  The truth is even the most sophisticated technology tools can’t stop careless behavior.  If that behavior results in a virus or data breach, it can hurt your business.  Here’s how your employees may be unknowingly opening your network up to a hacker.

Do Multiple Monitors Really Make You More Efficient? 

Various research studies have shown that adding a monitor can increase productivity by 20-30%.  The metrics vary, but what could be better than having email, a report in Word, and data in Excel all open and visible at the same time?  Or, does that just create more distractions?  

Why Your Business Needs an IT Disaster Recovery Plan 

Every business IT plan needs a tested strategy for disaster recovery, including backup.  Here’s how disaster recovery is different from data backup, why your business needs both, and how to get started.  

Why Patch Management is Important 

Your IT services firm is telling you that your computers need to be “patched.”  Here’s what that means and why it’s important for your network security.

Can Managed IT Services Be Good, Fast and Cheap? 

When you’re evaluating managed IT services, what’s more important – knowledgeable service, quick response, or low price?  This question has plagued both managed IT services buyers and providers for years (and maybe it plagues your business, too).  Is it really so hard to “have it all”?  It depends on how you measure each of these requirements.

Why Email Phishing is a Security Risk for Your Business   

It only takes one errant click to become a victim of email phishing.  Phishing is successful because it relies on users to be trusting (or careless), and click on a link that looks legitimate but actually causes damage.  Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose the Right Business Laptop 

When you work remotely, you need to find the business laptop that best suits your needs.  The right configuration will save you time, money, and frustration.  Here’s what to consider.

4 Ways Your IT Services Firm Should Earn Your Trust 

Does your IT services firm put the best interests of your business first?  If so, why?  If not, here are 4 ways they should work to earn your trust.

2017 promises to be a fascinating year for technology, and we’ll continue to keep you informed.  If you’re considering new IT services for your business, contact CRU Solutions.