Why Your Business Needs a Human Firewall

Why Your Business Needs a Human Firewall

Activating a human firewall is a key piece of any IT security services puzzle.  Your firewall device helps keep bad actors out of your network, but technology alone won’t complete the picture. 

Your staff is the last line of protection against cyberattacks.  They create the last and most important security layer when attacks bypass all the technical filters and barriers we can deploy.  We humans need to understand the risks, learn the necessary security practices, and be vigilant at all times.

Here’s what’s lurking out there that makes investing in a human firewall so important:

Ransomware – The ransomware risk shows no sign of abating.   All it takes is one person making one errant click to lock up your entire network.  If you have a reliable backup, you can restore your data and move on.  If not, you’re faced with a decision about paying the “ransom”.  Either way, you lose time and productivity.

Phishing Emails – These look like “real” emails from someone in your company who has authority to ask for financial information or an account transfer.  Executives and staff in accounting or human resources are at particularly high risk.  Create a process that requires a separate confirming email or phone call before taking action on a financial request or sharing any financial information.

Phone Scams – Yes, phone scammers target businesses.  The scammer will impersonate “tech support” and try to convince your staff that they’ve identified a problem that requires immediate attention (and a password).  Never fall for it, and teach your team not to, either.

Valuable, but Not Magical Tech Tools – Anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filters, DNS blockers and other tools are essential for an effective IT security services toolkit.  Still, they’re not 100% foolproof.

Impatience – There’s “security fatigue” out there and we can all get irritated when we’re told to create yet another password.  But, if you think of yourself as part of a human firewall, the knowledge and time it takes to be more secure takes on its own importance.  Our decisions at the keyboard can make the difference between being hacked or not.

Invest in training for your team to create a human firewall and help complete the puzzle of IT security services for your business.  Contact CRU Solutions to learn more.