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06 Aug 2015

How Computer Hacking Works

Computer networks are hacked all the time, but what does that really mean?  How does hacking work?  There are a number of different individual approaches that clever cybercriminals use, but there is a common overall strategy.  If you have a computer nerd curiosity, here’s an overview of the approach.


23 Jul 2015

How You Can Help Avoid Ransomware

Business losses from ransomware aren’t going away. In fact, the latest version of CryptoLocker, 3.0, is considered the most advanced and most damaging ransomware in the wild at the moment, and it’s targeting U.S. businesses and individuals.  We can all take action at our computers every day to help avoid ransomware.  Here’s how.


09 Apr 2015

Be Aware Of These Social Engineering Tricks

Social engineering (SE)  is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information.  While the term itself is relatively new, the idea goes back to the beginning of time.  Those who use social engineering online today are called phishers or scammers, and in the old days they would have simply been called con men.


12 Feb 2015

How To Overcome The IT Security Poverty Line

What is the IT Security Poverty Line?  It’s the place where your business has the minimally acceptable level of security needed to fend off an “opportunistic adversary”, which is basically a hacker who takes advantages of security weaknesses in a network.  In 2014, 85% of cyberattacks were opportunistic.


25 Jan 2015

5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Your computer will not just “get infected” with ransomware, the malicious software that encrypts your files and requires a specified amount of money to unlock them.  You have to click on something or open something (perhaps unintentionally) to activate the trigger.  Last year, CryptoLocker ransomware got a lot of attention, and we’re now dealing with CryptoWall, which is a variant of CryptoLocker.


17 Apr 2014

5 Ways Employees Risk IT Security

Some of the greatest threats to the IT security of your small business can come from you and your employees. This isn’t to say that we’re all lazy.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite.  Most of us simply don’t know the steps to take or think we’re too busy to deal with it, so we unintentionally risk exposing company data to people who could cause damage.