Are you looking for new IT services for your small business and trying to decide between contacting a big national firm or a smaller, local company? Here are 3 advantages to choosing local IT help for your small business. 

For years, we’ve been encouraged to buy locally from farmer’s markets, retailers and restaurants. Are the reasons for buying your strawberries from a local farmer similar to purchasing IT services locally?  We think the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Your Business Really IS Important

Successful business owners of any size know that every client is important. However, when a “big” national company signs what they perceive to be a “small” client, they may not deliver the attention and services your business needs.

If you have fewer than 100 employees, some national IT firms just won’t be interested in talking to you at all.

When you buy local, you’re working with a company that will work hard to keep you happy. That’s because the success of your business really is crucial to the success of their business.

They Know You (and Your Employees)

Much like being a “regular” in a local restaurant, your local IT provider will know who you are when you call and will understand your business. They should know your employees, too.  That familiar business relationship is crucial both when everything is going smoothly, and when it isn’t.

Your Local IT Firm is Probably a Small Business, Too

Small businesses face different challenges than their larger counterparts. If your IT firm is a local, small business, you’ll probably work with the owner directly at some point.  He or she will understand your business challenges and how they can impact your IT decisions.  Working as peers, your IT issues will be solved more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Other key advantages to working with local companies include supporting entrepreneurship, keeping dollars in the community, and perhaps most importantly, retaining quality jobs in your region.

As a small business owner, the next time you’re thinking about which IT services firm would serve you best, put local firms at the top of your evaluation list.

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