Are Cloud IT Services Safer to Protect Business Data?

Are Cloud IT Services Safer to Protect Business Data?

Is your business data safer using cloud IT services than storing it on a server your office?  The answer is mixed.

Almost every business uses cloud IT services.  The cloud is ideal for storage, backup, email, and applications like QuickBooks or Salesforce.  For small businesses, cloud services provide robust features and security that were previously only available to enterprise companies with sizeable IT departments.

A few years back, we had clients who vowed they would never use cloud IT services.  They fervently believed that their data was safer on servers within their own four walls.  Today, the pendulum has swung to the point where some are equally convinced that only the cloud is safer.  As with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Physical Security

From a physical security standpoint, cloud is hard to beat.  Data centers offer security features unmatched in typical office settings.  Physical security and access control are paramount.  Multiple security steps prior to access can include video surveillance, keycards, and retina scans among others.

Also, data centers are designed to be resilient against power loss and internet interruptions.  If the power goes out in your office, you can continue to work from home or elsewhere.

Data Security

 In addition to physical precautions, cloud application providers use the most current and effective software tools to protect your data.  So far, widely-reported breaches have impacted individual company networks, not large cloud providers.

Human Firewall

Here’s the catch.  Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premise in your office, no technology can protect against human carelessness.  Users who make a wrong click or leave passwords on sticky notes in their desk create the greatest risks of all.

Whether you use cloud IT services, on-premise servers, or a combination of both, make sure you have policies in place to inform and educate your users.  Well-informed users will help you create the most secure environment possible for your business.

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