How Colocation Can Help Protect Your Servers

How Colocation Can Help Protect Your Servers

Do you worry about the security of your business data?  While knowing when not to click is important, the location of your servers can also have a substantial impact on whether or not your information stays safe. 

For many businesses, there are solid reasons to maintain your own servers instead of completely outsourcing to the cloud.  You may use applications that aren’t available online, or you may just prefer to maintain certain applications on your local network.  Regardless, your IT service provider may recommend that you colocate your servers instead of keeping them in your office.

What is colocation?

A colocation facility is a specially-built data center in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.  Compared to a typical office, the data center delivers a superior network environment including cooling, power, internet bandwidth and physical security.

What’s the difference between cloud hosting and colocation?

With cloud hosting, you purchase a subscription for applications and the operation of the server(s) is controlled by the hosting provider.  You don’t own any hardware, you just pay a fee to use the applications, compute power, storage, and sometimes bandwidth.

With colocation, you continue to own your own server(s) and network hardware, but everything is located in the data center instead of your office.  Your IT service provider configures, installs, and manages the hardware in the data center on your behalf.   You maintain control of your servers and applications.

Why is colocation more secure?

From a physical security standpoint, data centers are built to be “mini fortresses”.  You will find fenced, gated facilities with multiple security doors, special card keys, and even retina scanners to reduce the risk of unauthorized people gaining access.  Data centers also have the protocols in place to meet the requirements of regulations like HIPAA.

In addition, uninterrupted power (UPSs followed by large generators), fire suppression, surplus cooling, and redundant internet connections help ensure high availability to reduce the risk of downtime.

Is colocation right for your business? 

Your IT service provider can help you decide if colocation is the right approach for your business and what type of data center will best serve your needs.

Colocation may be right for you if:

  • You want to maintain control of your own environment and be able to access your own equipment due to licensing complications, regulatory requirements, etc.
  • You want to keep the option of removing your equipment if the data center experience is not for you.
  • You have remote users or remote offices who need to share resources unavailable through an online application.

Colocation is a secure way to keep control of your network and protect your data.

If you’re looking for an IT service provider that offers colocation, contact CRU Solutions.