You’ve decided your current IT support isn’t cutting it and you’re ready to make a change.   You’ve met with a few potential providers and you’ve started to evaluate managed IT services proposals. 

Now comes the real challenge – how do you compare the proposals and choose the best fit for your business?

Choosing a new IT provider is a big decision.  You’re entrusting a firm with access to your network along with the responsibility for securing it.  You want to make the right choice. 

Overall Proposal

Let’s start with the look and feel of the proposal.  Is the format easy to read?  Is the language easy to understand? 

The overall appearance and readability may not seem important at first.  However, the attention to detail in the proposal often translates to the attention to detail you’ll receive as a client. 

Description of Managed IT Services

Here’s where things can get tricky.  As we’ve noted before in this blog, there are as many different definitions of “managed IT services” as there are IT providers.   Differences in service sets can make it challenging to compare proposals. 

A few considerations:

  • Your Business Goals If you’ve met with the prospective IT provider, you’ve had a discussion about what you want to accomplish by changing IT support. The proposal should clearly describe those goals and how the IT firm can help you achieve them.
  • What’s Included What services does their monthly fee cover? How are those services going to help you meet your goals?  Ask for specifics about response time, problem resolution ticketing, proactive service tracking, or anything that’s important to you.
  • What’s Not Included Equally important is what the monthly fee does not cover. What will those services cost if you need them?  Generally, hardware purchases are not included or would fall under a separate service agreement.

Your prospective IT provider should be willing to answer any questions you have, including “What do I not know enough to ask?”.  If a phone call will suffice, that’s great.  If you need an in-person meeting, ask for it.  

As you evaluate managed IT services proposals, just make sure your questions are answered so you can make the best decision for your business.

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