Even if you already have an Echo and you love your tablet, there are hundreds of tech gifts to choose from this year.   Here are a few ideas and some expert lists to get you started.

Google Cardboard  This inexpensive viewer puts you into stunning environments from your smartphone.  Boot up some virtual-reality apps and 360-degree videos and no matter where you look, it’s like you’re really there.

Tile Pro Style   Are you always losing things? With Tile Pro, long-range Bluetooth tracking locates tagged items, and a loud built-in alarm lets you know if they're in the same room. Choose from two versions: Tile Pro Sport is a waterproof, ruggedized tracking device that helps athletes and everyone else keep track of easy-to-lose items; Tile Pro Style is a more slim and stylish version. 

R2-D2 Robot  This nifty R2-D2 rolls around on treads, or sprouts its third leg and leans back for movement on tougher surfaces like carpets. It can wobble with its feet, too. R2's head turns and lights up, and it makes all of R2's beeps and noises with its own speaker.  There’s even a button where R2 acts like he’s short-circuiting and falls over.  Who could resist that?

Here's where to look for more ideas:

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These lists include “25 Cheap Tech Products That Make Life Easier”, “Best Smart Home Gifts”, “Best Fitness Gifts”, and “Best Outdoor Gifts”.  Lots of different price ranges, too.

CNET 2017 Holiday Buyer’s Guide   

You’ll find some great ideas for tablets and e-readers, sports and outdoor tech, and best gifts for kids (or anyone who likes fun).

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If you want magnets to make your refrigerator look like a Gameboy, this is the page for you.


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