How to Evaluate Your IT Support

How to Evaluate Your IT Support

Are you unhappy with your IT provider but not ready to make a change?  Here are some specifics to help you evaluate your IT support, give suggestions for improvement, and go from there.  

Response Time

  • Is it hard to reach a technician on the first call?
  • Are you satisfied with the time it takes to receive a call back?
  • If an issue will take a little longer to resolve, do you get periodic progress updates?

Security and Compliance

  • Do you receive regular patch maintenance as a service?
  • Do you have managed and regularly-updated anti-virus and anti-malware?
  • Have you received recommendations on tools to help make your network more secure?
  • Has your staff received cybersecurity training to know how to be safer online?
  • Is there a plan in place for the disposal of your old computers and secure destruction of data on old hard drives?
  • Is your business subject to IT compliance regulations?  Are you confident your IT is compliant?

Network Management

  • Do you have a current network diagram?
  • Is your IT a “patchwork” of hardware and software that has built up over time without a defined strategy?
  • Do you have a current inventory of all your technology equipment and a life-cycle plan for replacement?
  • When you need new equipment, do you receive a detailed quote and installation schedule?
  • Are you reminded when it’s time to renew subscriptions that occur annually, such as backup or firewall updates, or do you keep track of those yourself?

Coordinating with Vendors

  • Are you stuck in the middle or does a tech step in to help coordinate work with internet, phone and application support providers?


  • Have you received options for the most secure and reliable way to backup and restore based on your business needs?
  • Who manages your backup?  Do you receive regular updates to confirm the backup is running as it should?

 Consulting and Planning

  • Do you receive recommendations for new technologies that could help your business or do you have to suggest new ideas?
  • Do you have an IT planning roadmap to make sure that every dollar spent today is working toward the longer-term success of your business?

If you evaluate your IT support and decide it’s time to make a change, contact CRU Solutions.