How to Manage Your Clever Passwords

How to Manage Your Clever Passwords

Managing passwords can be challenging.  We’re strongly encouraged (and often forced) to “create a strong password” when establishing online accounts.  Having an “easy to guess” password could lead to being hacked.  We’re also cautioned to avoid using the same password for each account.  Follow these steps to manage your passwords and help protect yourself from security breaches which, unfortunately, have become all too common.

Create Your Passwords

Let’s review some of the guidelines for creating a strong password:

  •  A minimum of 8 characters; the longer, the better
  • Include numbers, symbols, and both capital and lowercase letters
  • Do not use a single word of special importance to you, e.g. birthday or family member name
  • Do not use default passwords, e.g. password123, guest1234, etc.
  • Avoid the use of common substitutions, @ for a; zero for O (or vice versa)
  • Do not share passwords

DO use a phrase that makes sense to you and incorporate shortcut codes or acronyms.  Using a little imagination in creating passwords can make them appear to be random characters when they actually have significance to you.

Following these rules mean each time you establish online accounts with banks, retailers, service companies (the list can go on), you create a new password.

How can you possibly remember them all?

Manage Your Passwords

Your first thought may be to write them down and promise yourself to keep them in a safe place.  But, that rarely happens and little pieces of paper can get lost.  It’s also realistically impossible to memorize every password you have.

One of the safest ways to retain your password information is through a password manager.  For a nominal subscription price, you can have access to an app that will keep your passwords in one spot.  From there, you’ll usually only need to remember one password to unlock the manager.

Until that time when passwords may be replaced with a new form of authentication, make your passwords unique and keep them secure.


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