Managed IT services or break/fix?  The best choice for your business depends on several factors.  Let’s take a look. 

Two of the most common approaches to IT support are managed IT services and break/fix.  Managed IT services avoid downtime and disruption through a set of proactive and reactive activities for a fixed monthly fee.  Break/fix services work on an as-needed basis to respond when something is broken, and are billed accordingly. 

When to Consider Managed IT Services

IT is Strategic to Your Business –  When reliable IT is strategic to your business success, managed IT services is the better choice.  You’ll receive the depth of knowledge and expertise to keep your network current, running and secure now and in the future.

Your Business is Growing – In a growing business, your IT needs will change rapidly.  With managed IT services, you can plan and budget (without additional cost) for each stage of your growth.

Your Business is Compliance-Driven – If your business must adhere to IT compliance rules, then ongoing, proactive IT support keeps your networks updated and secure.  Your managed IT service provider can also provide the documentation you’ll need to meet reporting requirements.

Your Business Uses Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – If your company stores PII, for clients, payroll, or other reasons, managed IT services helps protect your network from potential breaches.   

What to Expect with Managed IT Services

  • Proactive support means your network is as secure as possible. Patches, anti-virus and anti-malware are updated constantly, not just when someone gets around to it.
  • Your network is monitored, which means each potential issue is identified and resolved before it becomes an emergency. You won’t work with a tech who’s “flying blind” trying to solve a problem.
  • Using remote support, techs can resolve issues quickly so you get back to work faster. If you don’t currently have remote support for your machines, waiting for a tech to arrive onsite takes time.
  • Techs work on issues until they’re resolved, even if new ones pop up along the way. You don’t get another bill if “new” issues crop up while the original problem is being fixed.
  • Anyone in your office can call, so you don’t have to be the IT gatekeeper for everything going on in the office.
  • Generally, you’ll reach a tech directly, so you don’t waste time repeating yourself to more than one person. Plus, good communication is crucial, so your tech won’t keep you hanging without a response.
  • You’re a client, not just a customer, so your IT firm is interested in your long-term success. They’ll help you plan by keeping you up-to-date on the latest technologies to benefit your business AND let you know about the ones you should avoid.
  • You’ll know the monthly fees in advance so there are no billing surprises.   

With managed IT services, your IT provider and your business are on the same side of the table.  It works for both of you to keep your systems up and running, and to avoid emergencies that create downtime and add unexpected costs. 

Plus, your managed IT services provider sees IT from a business perspective.  They’ll provide options to create strategies and budgets to ensure that every dollar spent today is in support of a long-range technology goal for your company.

If you’re considering managed IT services, contact CRU Solutions.