How much do managed IT services cost?  That depends.  There are as many different definitions of “managed IT services” as there are IT providers.  Your cost will depend on the IT services your business needs and that you value.  

What are managed IT services?

Generally, managed IT services include a set of defined activities that are delivered for a fixed monthly fee.  Service sets vary widely.  That's why it can be challenging to compare “apples to apples” when you’re reviewing proposals.

Most managed IT services plans include remote monitoring and management, basic security support, and help desk support.  However, you may also want cloud services, remote backup and strategy, and planning expertise depending on the needs of your business.

There’s a key difference between using managed IT services and only calling for tech support when something breaks. With managed IT services, your IT provider is proactively managing your network to avoid downtime and disruption.

What do managed IT services cost?

Your fixed monthly fee will be based on services you'll receive and the size and complexity of your environment. 

If you’re making the move from “break/fix” to managed IT services, start by calculating your current annual IT costs. Include fees to an outside provider, hours inside staff spends on IT, and hardware and software expenses. Consider the security risk of machines that are not updated with patches and other proactive work that isn’t getting done. 

With managed IT services, you remove the responsibility for handling IT from any one person in your office. Everyone can call your IT provider directly and have their questions resolved promptly.

Plus, a “virtual CIO” will provide advice and planning so that you can accurately budget for your IT needs and remove unwanted surprises. 

In some cases, you'll increase your IT budget when you shift from break/fix to managed IT services.  You’ll also receive a robust set of services that takes the worry about IT away from you.

Are managed IT services worth the cost?

Only you can decide.  If you handle confidential information and data security is a major concern, the value of investing in managed IT services over the risk of mitigating a data breach is likely worth it.  If you’re more comfortable with a “pay as you go” model for IT, managed IT services might not be the right fit.

Also, consider what frustrations you may have with your current IT provider.  What impact does that have on your team?  Maybe your business has outgrown the capabilities of your current IT provider and it’s time to make a change. 

When you’re evaluating IT services for your business, cost is clearly a major factor.  Research your options and get clear answers to your questions. From there, you can determine if secure and reliable managed IT services is a good value for your business.

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