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06 Aug 2015

How Computer Hacking Works

Computer networks are hacked all the time, but what does that really mean?  How does hacking work?  There are a number of different individual approaches that clever cybercriminals use, but there is a common overall strategy.  If you have a computer nerd curiosity, here’s an overview of the approach.


23 Jul 2015

How You Can Help Avoid Ransomware

Business losses from ransomware aren’t going away. In fact, the latest version of CryptoLocker, 3.0, is considered the most advanced and most damaging ransomware in the wild at the moment, and it’s targeting U.S. businesses and individuals.  We can all take action at our computers every day to help avoid ransomware.  Here’s how.


02 Jul 2015

Microsoft SAM Reviews Are Here

The odds of businesses of all sizes being reviewed by Microsoft for licensing compliance has increased.  Since the beginning of 2015, 12% of CRU clients have received Microsoft review requests, and we expect that number to grow. Microsoft plans to conduct these reviews with customers every 2-3 years.


09 Apr 2015

Be Aware Of These Social Engineering Tricks

Social engineering (SE)  is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information.  While the term itself is relatively new, the idea goes back to the beginning of time.  Those who use social engineering online today are called phishers or scammers, and in the old days they would have simply been called con men.


25 Mar 2015

Why Microsoft OneNote Is Indispensable

I started using OneNote as a way to get the Post-It notes off my desk.  It seemed like a simple way to store little pieces of information that didn’t belong anywhere else.  In OneNote, I could easily find and track them.  Now, I hardly ever use Post-Its (sorry, 3M).  The good news is, if you use Microsoft Office, you probably already have OneNote, so it’s easy to give it a try.