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05 Mar 2015

8 Timesavers Using Microsoft Word

Ever wish you could easily figure out why there’s an extra space between paragraphs, change capitalizations without retyping or do a quick calculation in Word?  Here are 8 timesaving features in Word to help you do those things and more.  Here are 8 timesavers that work in Word 2010 and 2013.  Click on each tip to see a screen shot of the suggestion.


12 Feb 2015

How To Overcome The IT Security Poverty Line

What is the IT Security Poverty Line?  It’s the place where your business has the minimally acceptable level of security needed to fend off an “opportunistic adversary”, which is basically a hacker who takes advantages of security weaknesses in a network.  In 2014, 85% of cyberattacks were opportunistic.


25 Jan 2015

5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Your computer will not just “get infected” with ransomware, the malicious software that encrypts your files and requires a specified amount of money to unlock them.  You have to click on something or open something (perhaps unintentionally) to activate the trigger.  Last year, CryptoLocker ransomware got a lot of attention, and we’re now dealing with CryptoWall, which is a variant of CryptoLocker.


01 May 2014

How To Sign Off On Business Email

What’s the best way to sign off on a business email?  It depends on the person and the context. At CRU Solutions, sign offs range from “Best Regards” to “Warm Regards” to “Thanks”.  In our business, we keep our sign-offs straight-forward.  In your business, maybe quirky is better.