Why do companies switch to outsourced managed services for their IT support?  Let’s take a tour of the first half of the alphabet to show you.  

A is for Accountability

Your outsourced managed services team is accountable for keeping your network running.  Expect the right tech tools, help desk support, and strategy advice so you can spend your time focusing on what you do best, not IT.  

B is for Backup

Every company needs backup, whether it’s in your office, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.  We’ll conduct regularly-scheduled test restores, and report back to you, so you can be confident in restoring your data when you REALLY need it.

C is for Communication

Technicians may not be known for having outstanding communication skills, but those who have them make your life easier.  We understand the importance of complete, timely, and cordial communication with you.

D is for Drive Destruction

What happens to the old drives when you get a new workstation or server?  Leaving decommissioned machines in a closet isn’t a good idea.  We’ll create a plan to securely destroy those drives and remove an opportunity for data theft.

E is for Efficient

We know how to keep your network humming.  Proactive services like patch management, cybersecurity updates and strategy planning keep your IT running smoothly and efficiently.

F is for Flat Fee

We’re clear about what services are included and what those services will cost every month.  No surprises.

G is for Goals

Every business has goals, and it’s important to discuss them with your outsourced managed services team.  That way, every investment you make in IT now can work toward helping you reach your goals down the road.

H is for Help Desk

A capable, responsive help desk is key to handling the day-to-day issues that inevitably crop up.  We’ll let you know how calls are handled and resolved in a transparent way. 

I is for Internet of Things (IoT)

With smart devices in the office and at home, there’s a risk of infecting either network when you take devices back and forth.  We’ll help you navigate the Internet of Things landscape.

J is for Jump Drive

We’ll remind you to think of a jump drive as a mobile device, and keep it secured accordingly.  Consider encryption when possible, and don’t share jump drives between machines.

K is for Key Metrics

Your business priorities will change over time, and we’ll help adjust your IT strategy and budget to match. 

L is for Local 

When you work with an IT company based in Northeast Ohio, your business is significant to their business.  You’ll get personalized attention and appreciation for keeping your dollars in our local economy.

M is for Monitoring

With outsourced managed services, you’ll receive more than just monitoring, you’ll have the issues resolved, too. 

These are just a few of the reasons why companies are making the switch to outsourced managed services. 

If you’re considering outsourcing your business IT, contact CRU Solutions