The Importance of Off-Site Data Backup

The Importance of Off-Site Data Backup

What do a fire, a bad actor, and a crashed server have in common?  They can all affect data stored on your computer.  Losing your data is a terrible thought, and while you can’t predict a disaster, you can certainly prepare for one.  Here’s what you need to know about protecting your company’s information with off-site data backup.

What is Off-Site Data Backup?

Off-site data backup is a means of storing backed-up information in a geographically different location than your company’s main base of operation.  Backed-up data can be stored physically or virtually off-site by your IT provider.

Additionally, an off-site data backup provides an extra layer of security against a hardware loss.  This added security method has proven to be invaluable for disaster recovery if your office is damaged or destroyed.

How Can My Data Disappear?

There are four main ways a company can lose data: malicious attacks, natural disasters, hardware failures, and human error.

  • Malicious attacks, like ransomware, can block access to your server. By paying off the requested sum of money (which has pros and cons), you may regain access to your data.  However, even with payment, your information can remain locked and inaccessible.
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes are destructive forces of nature. They are capable of destroying entire cities.  Even a severe thunderstorm can create flooding.  Prepare for the unexpected and don’t leave your data vulnerable to such unforeseen acts of destruction.
  • Hardware failures are unanticipated computer malfunctions that can affect your data. An unexpected hardware failure can wipe all of the information from your computer.  While such situations are rare, they do occur; and the lost data can be irretrievable.
  • Human error can also put company data at risk. Carelessness and lack of training can lead to unintentional data destruction.  And while simple mistakes do happen, some can result in permanent damages, including data loss.

These situations are unpredictable, and regular on-site backup can still leave your data vulnerable.  If you want to ensure your company is truly protected, off-site data backup is the answer.

What Are My Options?

There are a few different off-site data backup options that can be arranged through your IT provider.

  • Backup your files to a physical device you own in a protected location like a data center.
  • Use a secure, cloud-based back-up storage system.
  • Backup your data using both an on-site physical device and the cloud. (This double-protective measure, also known as BaaS, is a great defensive means against unpredictable occurrences).

Off-site data backup is a great way to keep your information safe and secure.  There are so many unforeseen variables that can leave your company at risk.  Avoid chance and trust your IT provider to protect your information off-site.  The effort will surely be worth it.

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