Microsoft OneNote is a powerful tool to help keep your desk less cluttered and your projects better organized.  It’s essentially a blank notebook you can customize any way you like.  Everyone in your small business can create their own personal productivity tool using OneNote. 

What to Keep in OneNote

Just about any information you can find on the web or you can create on your computer, you can store in OneNote.  Use it to organize notes, to-do lists, random facts, almost finished drafts, web pages, images, videos, and even audio files.

Where to Begin

OneNote will launch with a blank notebook.  You can keep all your tabs in one notebook, or you can create individual notebooks for different topics if you like.

Within the notebook, you’ll create your own sections and you can add individual pages in each section.  It’s an organizational system similar to a paper binder with tabs. 

A Few Tips

  • Create a section or two in a new notebook, maybe for random notes sitting on your desk.  Unless you’re already a super planner, let your notebook grow organically.  Simply add new sections as you need them.  You can always rearrange them later.  OneNote really is flexible enough for you to set it up any way you like. 
  • It’s easy to store information anywhere on the page simply by dragging and dropping.  Plus, different types of elements can be right next to each other on the page. 
  • As your volume of information grows, the search feature may come in handy. 
  • Remember to prune back your pages to avoid OneNote becoming a virtual junk drawer.  You can always set up an archive page if there are some pages you need to keep.  Otherwise, regularly clean out your OneNote like you’d clean off your desk (at least once in a while).

As you become comfortable using OneNote, you’ll want to learn more about what it can do.  Here are a few resources to point you in the right direction: 

Microsoft OneNote for Beginners

Microsoft OneNote 2016 Quick Start Guide  

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft OneNote 2016

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