If you’re using a recent version of Microsoft Office, the changes in Office 2016 won’t be glaringly obvious.

That’s a good thing, because when it’s time to upgrade you’ll still be able to comfortably find your way around while taking advantage of new features.  Here’s a quick look at what’s new in Office 2016:

Real-time Co-authoring in Word and Excel

You can now see what your colleagues are typing in real-time in a document that’s saved to Microsoft’s cloud.  (Remember that they’ll be able to see the changes you’re making, too.)  Because the document is saved to the cloud, this feature works on any device.

Attachment Options in Outlook

In Office 2016, you can avoid searching through folders to find the attachment you want to send.   When you click “Attach File”, a drop-down menu of “Recent Items” automatically appears.  If you’re attaching a file you worked on recently, it’s right there for you. The drop-down includes both files saved locally and on OneDrive or other web locations.  Sending a link rather than a traditional file attachment saves storage and is more secure.

Clutter in Outlook

If you’re using Office 365 for email, you probably already use Clutter.  Clutter is an email organization feature that prioritizes your mail.  You can designate low-priority messages which will get sent to the Clutter folder rather than your Inbox, so you can view them when you have time.

Improved Version History in Word, PowerPoint and Excel

If you’ve ever had a hard time keeping track of “who edited what” in a document or wish you had a previous version, this will be a great feature for you.  Office 2016 will help you keep it all straight by allowing you to refer back to previous snapshots and early drafts of documents.

New Chart Types in Excel

Office 2016 offers six new chart types.  These will help you visualize financial or hierarchical data and highlight statistical properties of your data to help clearly communicate this information.

Tell Me

Using the “Tell me what you want to do” field in the ribbon of Office 2016 apps, you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get to features you want to use or actions that you want to perform.  You can also use Tell Me to find help or to use Smart Lookup to research or define the field you entered.

Smart Lookup

You can fact-check or explore terms in your documents using Smart Lookup in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Just highlight the terms in your document and use this feature to bring search results from the web right into your reading or authoring environment.

Office 2016 is designed to help you be more productive on any device.  Talk with your IT provider to determine when the time is right for your business to upgrade.