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CRU Solutions Helps You Stay Ahead of Online Risks with Cybersecurity Services

Thousands of new cyber threats appear every day. Do you have the right cybersecurity services to avoid emergencies and keep your network secure? Do your employees know how they can help?

With Managed IT Services from CRU Solutions, your network is actively secure. We seek out and deploy the most current security tools, and update them constantly to help evade new daily threats. Our proactive cybersecurity services help stop threats before they reach your network.

CRU's cybersecurity services include training your staff and showing them how to stay safe on your network and online. Why? Because the last line of defense is each user who makes the decision whether or not to "click".

Our Cybersecurity Services Have You Covered 24/7

When you choose to work with CRU Solutions, your business receives superior cybersecurity services that help provide protection from the numerous threats you may face. Our staff has over 30 years of experience helping businesses succeed with reliable, trusted IT support.

Services include:

  • Microsoft security patch management — Remote application of Windows updates to secure your network from viruses and malware designed to exploit Microsoft operating systems.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware, installed and licensed by CRU Solutions — Regularly updated on every computer, often multiple times per week, to help protect against the most current threats.
  • Email spam protection — Managed spam filtering and email support at the network level.
  • Disaster recovery assistance planning — Ensuring that you have a plan to keep your business running in case of the unexpected.

Enhanced Security Package

Optional Enhanced Security Package (ESP) helps protect your data at rest, in use, and at the end of its life. ESP is designed especially for organizations that must meet compliance or regulatory standards. It includes web filtering, DNS blocking, and asset recycling and drive destruction with chain-of-custody proof.

Dark Web Credential Monitoring

Optional Dark Web credential monitoring notifies you immediately when your usernames and passwords have been discovered on the Dark Web. Over 50% of all sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials.  With every publicized (and non-publicized) breach, your usernames and passwords could end up for sale to cybercriminals.  You can help protect your business with ongoing, real-time credential monitoring from CRU Solutions.

Cybersecurity Awareness Service

Optional Cybersecurity Awareness Service offers simulated phishing testing and training.  Users learn relevant skills to help them work more safely online and better protect company assets, including:

  • Ongoing, simulated phishing attacks so employees learn to look for red flags in online communications.
  • Self-paced, computer-based training modules that cover cybersecurity topics critical to the organization, related to behavior, policy, or compliance expectations.
  • Consulting to develop program goals and timelines, implement program tasks, measure outcomes and report on progress.

Contact us today to learn more about IT security services — part of CRU Solutions complete Managed IT Services.