Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio
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CRU Solutions Has the Managed IT Backup Solutions for Your Business

It’s no secret that every business needs to invest in a data backup and recovery solution. The importance of a managed IT backup solution cannot be overstated. IT backup is crucial for both disaster recovery planning and also for routine restores when a file is accidentally deleted.

A managed IT backup solution, part of complete Managed IT Services from CRU Solutions, gives you peace of mind. No matter what happens, your — and your customers’ — data will be backed up and protected from potential threats and disasters. Our services include regular test restores to make sure everything is working as it should. So even if the worst happens, we’ll be on hand to recover all your sensitive business data and information.

Our Team Can Help You Make the Right IT Backup Decision

Remember, the primary goal of any data backup is to make sure your data can be quickly and fully restored when you need it. CRU Solutions will help you decide what type of IT backup is best for your business. After our evaluation, you may decide you need onsite, cloud, or a hybrid of both for the most effective and secure backup. No matter what, we'll help you find the right solution to fit your needs. Our 24/7 protection leaves you worry-free because you’ll always know your business is in good hands.

Optional Backup as a Service Saves Staff Time

For extra resilient security, check out our optional Backup as a Service (BaaS). CRU BaaS replaces onsite tape or disk drive backups and the staff time and software maintenance fees associated with them. CRU Solutions fully manages the onsite IT backup appliance and backup process, creating fast, encrypted, unattended backups, as often as hourly, with multiple restore points. The service includes ongoing monitoring and offsite replication for full disaster recovery.

Ready to take steps to make your network more secure? Contact us today to learn more about managed IT backup — part of CRU Solutions complete Managed IT Services.