Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio

“I can confidently refer CRU Solutions to my business associates, which is a high compliment in the professional services world,” says Jim Stroh, President.

Secure, Remote Access Delivers Faster Client Response

The Company

About:  Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants
Founded: 1920
Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

The Challenge

Provide secure, remote access to information after transitioning to a paperless environment.

The Solution

As a long-time client, CRU Solutions understood the business goals of the firm and recommended and implemented a solution which included a Terminal Server.

The Results

Firm partners and associates now have secure access to almost all the firm’s data wherever they are, which allows them to provide faster response to clients.

“Over the past 15 years or so, our firm has grown to trust CRU and depend on them, and we are very happy with their services.” - Jim Stroh, President, Card Palmer

CRU Solutions had previously helped Card Palmer create and move to a paperless environment, so the next logical step was to find the most efficient way to deliver that information to the people who needed it. In 2012, Card Palmer was looking at better ways to provide their team with secure, remote access.

After reviewing the firm’s current needs, Jim Kerr of CRU Solutions recommended upgrading their network to include both Terminal and Exchange Servers. These improvements were cost-effective for Card Palmer because they could be added to an existing Intel Modular Server, reducing both the acquisition and operating costs of the new servers.

CRU made sure that the new environment would support Card Palmer’s critical line-of-business applications to allow for a seamless transition.

“Once we approved the server project, the installation and implementation were invisible to us,” says Jim Stroh, President, Card Palmer. “Any bumps in the road along the way were smoothed out by CRU. Now, we have access to the information we need from wherever we are. I couldn’t be happier with that.”

“Our primary tech at CRU, Jerry Arthur, has been with CRU for many years and knows our firm well. He is extremely responsive and has a way of explaining tech in a way that a non-tech can understand,” Stroh continues.

As a Managed IT Services client, Card Palmer receives ongoing network monitoring and management, user support, and coordination with IT vendors along with consulting for planning and budgeting.

“I can confidently refer CRU Solutions to my business associates, which is a high compliment in the professional services world,” Stroh concludes.