Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio
chapman and chapman

“The consultative component of CRU’s service is crucial,” says Walter Chapman, CEO and Director. “I know they have both the business acumen and the technology acumen to provide competent advice.”

Strong Communication Is Key to This Decades-Long Relationship

The Company

About:  Insurance and Financial Services
Founded: 1886
Headquarters: Twinsburg, Ohio

The Challenge

Find an IT service provider with a similar business philosophy to build and maintain a long-term association.

The Solution

Address issues and disagreements directly as they arise to reach mutually-acceptable resolutions.

The Results

An ongoing, successful business relationship that has developed over decades and is based on good communication and trust.

“On the phone and onsite, CRU techs engage well with our staff and they use every minute wisely.” - Walter Chapman, CEO and Director, Chapman and Chapman

“Good communication is why CRU Solutions and Chapman and Chapman have worked together since 1984,” says Walter Chapman, CEO and Director. “The technology itself has nothing to do with it.”

This might be a surprising perspective in a field where businesses change IT providers every seven years or so — if not sooner. At Chapman and Chapman, they wouldn’t change a thing.

“My goal is to find suppliers I can trust throughout the course of our engagement. I want to be confident that Chapman’s interests are being served with good quality service, honesty and advice that is in Chapman’s best interests, not theirs,” Walter Chapman continues.

Over the course of any decades-long relationship, things don’t always go smoothly. That’s to be expected, and Walter believes it’s how those issues or disagreements are resolved that makes the difference.

“In our firm, if an employee makes a mistake, we counsel them to improve. They need to be willing to acknowledge the mistake and then learn and grow from the experience. I expect the same from our service providers,” he explains.

“Once you work through issues, I value the strengthened relationship,” he continues. “There’s a heightened ability to understand and communicate to resolve any issues that come up going forward. Experience working together has real value in the long run.”

Walter Chapman sees similarities between what Chapman and Chapman and CRU Solutions expects of their employees when engaging with clients. “We teach and expect our employees to listen to the customer and work hard to fulfill their needs. I see these skills in CRU technicians as well. On the phone and onsite, CRU techs engage well with our staff and they use every minute wisely.”