Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio

“CRU has taken us out of technology crisis mode and into planning mode. Before, we just fixed things when they broke. Now, we have a plan for two to three years into the future,” Sondra Miller, President and CEO.

IT Planning Supports Growing Programs

The Organization

About: Supports survivors of rape and sexual abuse, promotes healing and prevention, and advocates for social change.
Founded: 1974
Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

The Challenge

Shift from an “emergency IT” approach to a planned approach that would support the organization’s growing program needs.

The Solution

Managed IT services provide expert strategy and planning along with knowledgeable, friendly support to the CRCC staff.

The Results

A secure, stable IT infrastructure implemented in stages that is now fully-supported by the CRU team.

“Even if we had an in-house IT person, the abilities of one person cannot match the skills and knowledge of the CRU team." - Sondra Miller, President and CEO, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

In 2012, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC) was growing to deliver expanded services while at the same time dealing with an outdated IT infrastructure. CRCC identified a clear goal to find a firm that was expert in IT, but also understood the organization.

Sondra Miller, President and CEO, says, “We were looking for experts in managing technology, to take it off the shoulders of CRCC staff and put it in capable hands. CRU wanted to have a partnership with CRCC that included looking at the organization as a whole and how technology fit into our various service areas, not simply counting computers.”

As part of the initial engagement, CRU evaluated CRCC’s infrastructure and created a multi-year plan to improve their technology tools based on the program goals they wanted to achieve.

In a not-for-profit organization, stretching every dollar is absolutely essential. As the technology plan took shape, CRU found savings for CRCC that are available only to not-for-profits, and also helped with grant proposal efforts to secure the needed funding.

Today, the CRCC staff relies on the CRU Solutions team for expert advice and solid service. Josh Gohlike, Manager of Program Quality Assurance and Systems, says, “Our staff can call CRU directly, but often I’m the ‘go to’ person in the office for IT questions. CRU has made it easy for me to bridge the gap between CRCC staff needs and CRU expertise.”

Miller also appreciates the capable level of service CRU provides. She says, “I’m confident CRU can fix the technology, but CRU techs also follow-up to make sure I’m pleased with the resolution and to find out if there’s anything else I need. CRU techs never make me feel inferior when I have a question or issue, even though I don’t describe things in technical terms. Even if we had an in-house IT person, the abilities of one person cannot match the skills and knowledge of the CRU team.”