Managed IT Services in Northeast Ohio
falcon industries

“CRU understands our business and responds quickly to our requests," says Brian FitzGerald, President.

Quick Support for Multi-Location Specialty Manufacturer

The Company

About:  Manufacturer of Custom Helix Flighting and Conveyor Screws
Founded: 1982
Headquarters: Medina, OH and Cosmos, MN

The Challenge

Strengthen IT infrastructure across two locations and enhance custom software to meet the demands of a specialized market.

The Solution

Utilize CRU Solutions as their technology advisor to design and implement current and future IT projects.

The Results

Falcon relies on CRU to meet their current multi-location IT needs efficiently and to provide advice for future budget planning.

“CRU helps us with technology planning and budgeting.” - Brian FitzGerald, President, Falcon Industries

Falcon Industries engaged CRU Solutions in 2001 to develop custom software that would allow them to quickly access information to improve customer service. The project also included CRU custom hardware to run the new system. Bob Taylor, President Emeritus, was so satisfied with CRU’s service and support that CRU has been Falcon’s IT department ever since.

When Falcon’s Medina, Ohio plant expanded into a new building, CRU was called in during the design phase to recommend the network infrastructure. From the network plan to equipment installation, CRU delivered the complete services Falcon required to minimize the move disruption as much as possible.

Custom hardware is a key part of Falcon’s IT operation, and CRU Solutions successfully completed a server refresh in both the Ohio and Minnesota locations. Rhonda Gass, General Manager in Minnesota, says, “The remote support on the new server installation was wonderful. Within a day, everything was up and running the way it was supposed to.”

Gass is also pleased with CRU’s routine support. “They don’t tie me up on the phone if they can’t answer my question right away,” she says. “They tell me when they’ll call me back and they do. And, when I speak to the techs, their answers are in plain English.”

Brian FitzGerald, President, echoes Gass’s views. “CRU understands our business and responds quickly to our requests. They also help us with future technology planning which helps with budgeting,” he says.

Falcon Industries has been recognized as a Weatherhead 100 company, a Leading EDGE company, and has received a Cascade Capital Award. These recognitions acknowledge the company’s goals of continued growth through product and customer service excellence.

Steve Sogor, General Manager in Ohio, says, “We work hard to provide exceptional customer service. CRU’s software, hardware and IT support help us achieve that goal.”