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Can you help my company meet IT compliance requirements?

We have a practical understanding of the IT components of typical compliance standards, including HIPAA and FINRA. We can help you create the processes and capture the necessary data to address compliance requirements. We encourage our clients to consider compliance as “best practice” in handling protected data, which can also help meet standards for cyber liability insurance policies.

Do you work with organizations with no IT staff?

Yes. For the vast majority of our clients, CRU Solutions is their sole IT team.

Do you work with organizations that have internal IT staff?

Yes. Based on your company’s needs, we will coordinate services so that your internal IT staff can focus on what they do best and we’ll handle the rest.

What is your fee structure?

Based on your current IT environment and your goals, we’ll provide you with a service proposal and quote. With our agreed-upon monthly fee, you can be confident about your recurring IT expenses. Projects, like email migration or a new server, are quoted separately for planning and budgeting.

Do you work on a project-only or hourly basis?

In our experience, the best way to provide secure, reliable, and knowledgeable service is to have a full understanding of your technology infrastructure and business goals. For that reason, we do not take work on a project-only or hourly basis.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Not at all. Our contract term is a rolling 90 days.

Do you only work with certain IT hardware and service vendors, or do I have a choice?

We are hardware agnostic. For example, we like and recommend Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre business computers, although many clients have a mix of hardware manufacturers. If you have a preference, we’ll work with you.

Do you create websites?

No, we leave that to the experts.

What can I expect if I sign up with CRU?

All services are provided under contracted agreement. From there, we implement our established onboarding process. We will mutually agree to a transition timeframe, gain your permission to work with your previous provider, discuss how to communicate the change to your employees (and offer sample templates for your use), and begin.

How do you ensure a smooth transition from our current IT provider?

In our experience, most IT companies are professional and cooperative in sharing technical information during a transition. After all, your company’s technical information belongs to you, not them. We work hard to not waste anyone’s time and will keep you out of any conflicts that may occur.

Have Additional Questions?

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