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How Our IT Support and Services Meet Your Technology Needs

We serve organizations from a variety of different industries, and they all have one thing in common: strategic IT support and services are essential to their success. We also know that technical skills alone are not enough. Lasting business relationships are often based on intangibles, from compatible personalities to similar values.

As you’re evaluating IT firms, look for both technical and interpersonal skills to help you develop a solid working relationship for years to come.

How CRU Solutions Can Support Your Business

Is your goal to grow? Want to jump ahead of the competition? Take IT off your growing list of responsibilities? CRU Solutions can help if:

IT Support and Services for Your Industry

CRU Solutions works with many types of organizations across numerous industries, including:

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Accounting/CPA Firms

We’ve worked with accounting firms for more than 20 years. We understand your IT must meet all compliance regulations, including managing cybersecurity risks, to keep your clients, staff, and firm safe.

Family-Owned Businesses

CRU Solutions has served family-owned businesses for almost 40 years, including professional services firms and manufacturing and distribution companies. We’re a family business ourselves, with two generations working together to serve our clients.

Healthcare Providers

CRU Solutions has served healthcare providers for almost 20 years, including physician practices, surgery centers, and independent laboratories. We can help you navigate the myriad of IT regulations healthcare providers must meet, including HIPAA.

Manufacturing Companies

Smart technology and automation are essential in all types of manufacturing. Your IT support must be cost-effective so you can thrive in highly competitive markets. Plus, you need to manage cybersecurity risks to keep your proprietary information secure.

Non-Profit Organizations

You provide the education, advice, and compassion that enriches the lives of the people you serve. You can rely on CRU Solutions to provide cost-effective, secure IT support to your non-profit organization.

Professional Services

Whether you’re a member of a law firm, healthcare group, or a team of consultants, you provide valuable advice and expertise to help clients thrive. The right business IT support can make all the difference in your ability to respond to clients quickly and securely.

Small Businesses

43 percent of small businesses aren’t prepared for a potential breach. CRU Solutions provides small business managed IT support to preemptively address vulnerabilities and keep your data safe.