Protect Your Business with Managed IT Services & Support

Is your business growing? Are you concerned about cybersecurity? Maybe you just need to take IT off your ever-expanding list of responsibilities. We can help.

With managed IT services from CRU Solutions, your business can be more secure. Plus, you can count on timely IT support from a local, knowledgeable team. We’ve been serving small businesses and non-profit organizations across Northeast Ohio for more than 40 years; we’d love to help you, too.

About Us

IT services and support from CRU Solutions will give you confidence in your IT today and help you plan for tomorrow. We’re specialists in combining exceptional technical abilities with solid communication skills. If you need an IT team that listens, offers choices, solves issues, and makes your small business a priority, contact us.

Our Managed IT Services

CRU Solutions provides managed IT services that combine automated services, technician-based support, and executive consulting — all from a local, responsive team.


Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

CRU Solutions works proactively to help protect your business. Our experienced team uses a combination of technical tools and staff training to keep your network more secure and compliant.


Resolve Day-To-Day IT Issues

When you choose CRU Solutions as your managed IT services provider, we’re your first call for IT support services. It’s just that simple. Call or email us, and we’ll take it from there.

Plan For Changing IT Needs

Plan For Changing IT Needs

In the midst of rapid change, small businesses are uniquely nimble and adaptable. CRU Solutions helps manage your IT whether it’s office-based, hybrid, or fully remote.


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