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In the midst of rapid change, small businesses are uniquely nimble and adaptable. Managed IT consulting services from CRU Solutions help you be prepared to navigate the business environment in whatever form it takes.

Whether you’re a family-owned business, a professional services firm, a non-profit organization, or a healthcare practice, we can help achieve your goals. We’ll make technology recommendations, create budget options, and handle the implementation. Your team will have the technology they need — right when they need it.

How Our Managed IT Consulting Services Work

The foundation for IT planning begins with tracking and reporting on key metrics, including:

  • Executive Summary Reports that give you a snapshot of all monitored devices and the status of each one
  • Activity reports that detail each action we’ve completed on your network, both proactively and in response to user requests
  • Cybersecurity and risk mitigation status, including backup
  • Email accounts and email security status
  • An ongoing record of your subscriptions that notifies you when you’re due for renewals, including backup software, firewall, domain name, etc.

Through regular technology reviews, our team works with your key staff members to address broad IT questions such as:

  • Current IT environment — What’s working and what isn’t? What new technologies could increase efficiency and save money? Which “shiny new objects” should you avoid?
  • Expectations for hardware and software upgrades — Are you prepared for the budget requirements and learning curve of new software?
  • Growth or other change plans
  • Office move or major renovation
  • Need for convenient and secure remote work options
  • Interaction of on-premise and cloud services
  • Tools to reduce your cybersecurity risk
  • Review of business continuity risks
  • Best practice or compliance requirements

From there, we choose the direction and develop the budget and implementation plan. We’ll help you make the best choice to ensure that every dollar spent on IT is in support of a long-range technology goal.

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