Minimize IT Surprises

IT risk management


CRU Solutions can help your business eliminate unpleasant surprises, unexpected costs, and sudden threats with our IT risk management services.

Generally, 20% of our support is in response to a user need and 80% is a proactive service — what goes on behind the scenes. We’ve developed our proactive services, including technical expertise and processes, over many years and adapt them regularly to keep up with new technology. This way, we help you avoid unexpected IT risks and keep your business moving in the right direction.

How CRU Helps Minimize IT Risks

Managed IT services have an agreed-upon monthly fee, so you can be confident about your recurring IT expenses. Don’t worry about calling the support desk too many times or going over an allotted number of onsite hours each month.

Maybe you’re considering upgrading computers, moving servers off-site, converting email, or making other major changes to your IT environment. For special projects like these, we’ll provide options based on your needs and budget. When the project details are finalized, you give your approval, and we begin implementation. Even if something unexpected happens on our end, we won’t throw any hidden costs your way at the last minute.

You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of every element of your network. Our team will answer the questions you may not know to ask now to help avoid surprises later.

For example, you may be mulling over moving your primary business application to the cloud. How will that affect how your employees work? How will it impact your Internet costs? Are there any other considerations? We’ll help you think these questions through so you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Trying to decide if a shiny new technology is right for your business? We’ll review the pros and cons before you jump in. IT planning is essential, but short-term surprises can still crop up. Our years of experience can help you shift gears to handle the unexpected. We’ll help you with full-service IT risk management while keeping your team working and your budget intact.

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