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Alleviate Daily Technology Headaches with IT Support Services

When you choose CRU Solutions as your managed IT services provider, we’re your first call for IT support services. It’s just that simple. Call or email us, and we take it from there.

We often resolve help desk questions in just a few minutes. When remote support won’t get it done, we’ll be there with a timely onsite visit.

Whether you’re a decision-maker who needs high-level technical assistance or an end-user who needs a quick answer to an application question, CRU Solutions can help. And, we explain in plain English.

Save your time trying to figure out if the issue is with the computer, email, Internet provider, application, printer, or even phones. Leave the troubleshooting to us. Our team of technicians, based in Broadview Heights, is ready to jump in.

Examples of CRU IT Support Services

Trying to resolve an IT support issue with another technology vendor? Our team coordinates with your cloud, software, phone or Internet service providers. We take you “out of the middle” when something goes wrong. CRU Solutions technicians collaborate with other vendors to systematically troubleshoot, eliminate possibilities, and narrow down the resolution. The ability to talk “tech to tech” makes all the difference in getting you up and running faster.

Someone clicked on a dangerous email? CRU responds quickly and capably to security compromises. We evaluate the issue, mitigate the damage, and restore systems as rapidly as possible.

Sometimes, we doggedly pursue issues that didn’t even begin with us. If our client has an IT-related challenge, we stay on it until there’s a fix and you’re satisfied.

We understand the importance of effective and timely communication. IT firms talk a lot about technology tools. But technical knowledge doesn’t matter as much if the tech is abrupt or talks down to you when you ask a simple question. Whether on the phone or onsite, CRU Solutions technicians are professional and respectful of you and your team.

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