Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

cybersecurity risk management

Take Control to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Cybercriminals are opportunistic and clever. As part of complete managed IT support, CRU Solutions works proactively to protect your business with our cybersecurity risk management services. Our experienced team uses a combination of essential technical tools and staff training to keep your network more secure.

We’ll tailor your cybersecurity program based on the needs of your business. If your company is compliance-driven or seeks best practices, we’ll implement the tools and training you need.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity Risk Management

We seek out and deploy the most current security tools and update them constantly to help evade new daily threats. These include:

  • Network and security assessments to give you a complete picture of your IT risks
  • Managed firewall to act as your first line of defense
  • Managed anti-virus and anti-malware to help block malicious code that might enter from inside or outside the network
  • Regular patching to fix Windows vulnerabilities
  • Reliable backup in case you need to restore a file or your entire network
  • Email filtering to help keep hazardous emails out
  • Email encryption to reduce exposure of confidential information
  • Email backup for reporting and recovery
  • Two-factor authentication so that if your username and password are stolen, cybercriminals still don’t have the second authentication code for access
  • Machine encryption so a criminal can’t access the data if your device is stolen
  • IP blockers to keep users from unknowingly clicking on known dangerous websites
  • Password management software recommendations to spare you memorization
  • Dark Web credential monitoring to let you know to change a compromised password
  • Secure disposal of old equipment so old hard drives containing data don’t fall into the wrong hands

Staff Education and Training

But that’s not all. Did you know 90% or more of successful cyberattacks start with a phishing email? Phishing attacks are only successful when someone clicks. It’s vital that every computer user can spot dangerous emails and is regularly tested to reinforce safe habits. The last line of defense to help defeat almost any cybersecurity risk is the user who decides to click or not.

Since we know human error causes most breaches, we encourage staff education. This includes:

  • IT user policies so everyone understands what’s expected when using technology
  • Ongoing phishing testing and training to help create a “human firewall” and prevent careless clicks

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