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20 Apr 2020
Looking Ahead for Business IT

From the President of CRU Solutions: Looking Ahead

As with all other aspects of life, business is different now.  Those staying at home have adjusted to working in the basement (or dining room or maybe, an actual home office).  They’ve become more skilled at navigating video conferences.  Those leaving home to work every day have developed a routine of temperature taking, wearing masks and physical distancing.


19 Mar 2020
Working at Home

Working at home now? Be smart and safe online.

Many of us will be working differently over the coming weeks as some offices will close and more people will work from home.  Everyone’s normal routines are being interrupted.  Expect cybercriminals to try and capitalize on this opportunity.


29 Aug 2019
Manage Your Passwords

How to Manage Your Clever Passwords

Managing passwords can be challenging.  We’re strongly encouraged (and often forced) to “create a strong password” when establishing online accounts.  Having an “easy to guess” password could lead to being hacked.  We’re also cautioned to avoid using the same password for each account.  Follow these steps to manage your passwords and help protect yourself from security breaches which, unfortunately, have become all too common.


19 Jul 2019
phishing emails

Why We STILL Fall for Phishing Emails

You grab a quick sip of coffee and flip on the computer.  You’re headed to a meeting in 5 minutes, but you decide to run through your email.  An easy deletion here, a tag there, but wait – here’s one that seems to be truly urgent.  It says click on this link and all will be well.  You click and nothing happens.  Oh well, off you go to your meeting. READ MORE