Clean up Your Computer in the New Year

Clean up Your Computer in the New Year

Still getting organized in the new year?  Don’t forget to clean up your computer!  January is Clean Up Your Computer Month and the second Monday of February is Clean Out Your Computer Day (so there’s still time).  Make a resolution to keep the grime off your computer and be safer online. 

Organize Your Desktop

Take a few minutes to organize your desktop icons.  Delete any files or shortcuts you don’t need.  Empty that Recycle Bin when you’re done.

Clean Away the Dust and Germs

Sweep away the dust on your monitors and keyboard.  It’s a good idea to run a disinfectant wipe over your keyboard and mouse, too.

Tackle that Inbox

Try to handle every email once.  Delete with enthusiasm.  You’ll feel better and your inbox will be more secure.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to empty your Deleted Items folder.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Depending on your company’s retention policies, delete old files that are now meaningless and only create clutter around the files you do need.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Don’t risk having your spiffy, clean computer infected by using public wi-fi.  One option is to set up a private hotspot on a phone or tablet instead.

Stay Private Online

The more you disclose publicly, the more a cybercriminal can learn about you.  The more they know, the more easily they can phish you (and convince you to click).  Be diligent and protect yourself.

Click Carefully

You need to be on your toes all the time.  Learn how to avoid clicking on dangerous emails and other online threats.

Dispose of Old Equipment Properly

You may have some computers in a closet or back room that aren’t even worth cleaning.  Get them out of your physical space and destroy them securely.

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