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28 Feb 2019
Off-Site Data Backup

The Importance of Off-Site Data Backup

What do a fire, a bad actor, and a crashed server have in common?  They can all affect data stored on your computer.  Losing your data is a terrible thought, and while you can’t predict a disaster, you can certainly prepare for one.  Here’s what you need to know about protecting your company’s information with off-site data backup.READ MORE
07 Feb 2019
protect your smartphone

10 Ways to Effectively Protect Your Smartphone

Your cell phone is the one thing that never leaves your side.  In a nutshell, it’s your whole world packed into a mobile CPU, and your goal is to keep it safe.  But safety goes beyond cases and screen protectors.  Here’s the real question: is your smartphone secure?  Protect your smartphone from bad actors, malicious software, lost data and more using these ten effective tips.


24 Jan 2019
Clean Up Your Computer

Clean up Your Computer in the New Year

Still getting organized in the new year?  Don’t forget to clean up your computer!  January is Clean Up Your Computer Month and the second Monday of February is Clean Out Your Computer Day (so there’s still time).  Make a resolution to keep the grime off your computer and be safer online. READ MORE
10 Jan 2019
maintain your online privacy

How to Maintain Your Online Privacy

Online technology is booming.  The internet allows everyone to know everything about everybody.  Posting daily updates to hundreds of people has become the norm.  But you are different, you prefer to stay private.  Here are steps you can take to effectively maintain your online privacy.


13 Dec 2018
avoid phishing scams

Why You Should Train Your Employees to Avoid Phishing Scams

What do you think is the weakest link in the security chain?  Many think it comes from unstable connections and the lack of firewalls, virus protection, and other technical measures.  But the weakest link is actually humans.  Yes, the same people we hire and trust to keep our businesses running smoothly.   READ MORE
29 Nov 2018
Trending Technology Gifts

Trending Technology Gifts for a Happy Holiday

The holiday season is fast approaching which means home-cooked meals, family gatherings, and of course, gifts.  It can be difficult to pick out gifts for so many people, but there’s no need to make it hard on yourself.  Check out these ten top trending technology gifts this season.


01 Nov 2018
Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

8 Useful Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Word made its debut in 1983 and has been a valuable tool in business ever since.  The software allows you to express yourself through writing in a countless number of ways.  Here are eight Microsoft Word tips and tricks that are sure to ease your writing process and increase your productivity.


11 Oct 2018
cyber threats

Four Cyber Threats You Should Know

The landscape of cyber threats is constantly shifting. Online criminals continuously find new methods to hack into your computer; and security software evolves endlessly to keep up with these malicious attempts. READ MORE
27 Sep 2018
Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks

7 Helpful Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks

Microsoft OneNote is the binder that can always hold more.  Capable of performing the functions of all the supplies in your desk drawer, OneNote is the perfect organizer.  Familiarizing yourself with this software application can ease your stress by systemizing all of your notes, graphs, links, and more.  Take advantage of the numerous capabilities by using these Microsoft OneNote tips and tricks.