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19 Nov 2019
Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Nifty Tech Gifts for the Holidays

There are hundreds of tech gifts to choose from this year, even if you already have a smart doorbell and you love your tablet.   Here are a few ideas and some expert lists to get you started.


19 Jul 2019
phishing emails

Why We STILL Fall for Phishing Emails

You grab a quick sip of coffee and flip on the computer.  You’re headed to a meeting in 5 minutes, but you decide to run through your email.  An easy deletion here, a tag there, but wait – here’s one that seems to be truly urgent.  It says click on this link and all will be well.  You click and nothing happens.  Oh well, off you go to your meeting. READ MORE
24 Jan 2019
Clean Up Your Computer

Clean up Your Computer in the New Year

Still getting organized in the new year?  Don’t forget to clean up your computer!  January is Clean Up Your Computer Month and the second Monday of February is Clean Out Your Computer Day (so there’s still time).  Make a resolution to keep the grime off your computer and be safer online. READ MORE
24 May 2018
cloud computing options

Cloud Computing Options for Your Small Business

You’re using the cloud right now to read this blog post.  Essentially, being “in the cloud” means you store and access data over the internet.  The cloud isn’t magical - it’s composed of online managed data centers.  A host of cloud computing options present new opportunities for your business.