You can help your IT company help you.  How?  Start with clear expectations and communication to make sure you’re both on the same page.  From there, make sure your employees are also reading from the same book.

Business owners often want to change IT support because their current company doesn’t call back quickly and fixes issues slowly.  Maybe the IT company isn’t doing its job.  Or, maybe there’s a misunderstanding. 

Setting Expectations for IT Services

Your IT company can help you best when they understand your plans for the business.  Schedule regular tech reviews (or if you prefer something less formal, go for a cup of coffee) and talk over your ideas.  Knowing your goals helps your IT company seek the best technology to bring your plans to life.

Your IT company has current information on new technologies, where they work best, and where they might not.  Keep an open mind when discussing options so that you can make a cost-effective choice for your business.

For example, we’ve worked with clients who absolutely refuse to consider a cloud service, and those who won’t consider anything else.  Options are always best, so make sure you weigh them before making a decision. 

For day-to-day support, talk with your IT company and make sure you both understand what’s expected for response time.  The key is recognizing that some issues can be resolved immediately and others will take longer.  If you expect updates on slow-to-resolve issues and that isn’t part of your IT company’s normal service, let them know.  

Know How to Communicate with Your IT Company

Most IT companies offer a number of ways for you and your team to reach them.  You can usually send an email, leave a voice mail, or just create your own ticket to either a general support line or an individual technician. 

Sometimes It’s easier to ask a question in a phone call, and for other issues email is just fine.  Encourage your team to use whatever approach is best to solve the problem. 

If the IT company gives you tips on how to reach them quickly, use them.  At CRU Solutions, if a call isn’t answered right away, we ask our clients to leave a message so that we can return the call promptly.  There are cases when a client doesn’t want to leave a message and calls back later instead.  That creates frustration for them and for us, because we could have helped them sooner if they had followed our suggestion.

If you find that your IT company is creating more aggravation than results, definitely ask for a meeting to discuss your concerns.  Be clear about where you want to see improvement, and give them the opportunity to make corrections. 

Ideally, if you help your IT company help you then you’ll achieve better results for your business. 

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