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28 Feb 2019
Off-Site Data Backup

The Importance of Off-Site Data Backup

What do a fire, a bad actor, and a crashed server have in common?  They can all affect data stored on your computer.  Losing your data is a terrible thought, and while you can’t predict a disaster, you can certainly prepare for one.  Here’s what you need to know about protecting your company’s information with off-site data backup.


19 Oct 2017
Business Risks from Internet of Things

Can Your Coffee Maker Hack Your Server?

Can your smart coffee maker hack into your server?  Consider this:  your smart coffee maker at home (or at the office) is likely connected to the same network you use for your computer.  If a bad guy can get to your coffee maker, he can get to your network.  Be aware of the business risks from the Internet of Things (IoT).